Friday, December 31, 2010


every challenge will create us to be a mature person.....maybe there is something good hidden behind all this... coz allah is already promise the best for His servants..beings patience with all these challenges coz u r the selected person to get His love...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

HUMAN and OUR unperfectness

I wish life was like a notebook and i was a pencil so i could erase all my mistakes and start over on a clean sheet of paper...


"Sometimes when you're world feels like it's crashing down, you just have to wipe the tears, and buy some duct tape."

TAPE TAPE..i need a TAPE....

we are...

you have to fall from the mountain to realize what you are climbing for. obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for....



When things go wrong, it is far more productive to see if you can learn
something from it rather than just getting upset.


you CAN !!!!

... May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy...       :)

yes !

"silence doesn't always means yes... it could also mean,  I'm tired of explaining  to people who doesn't even care to listen with understanding"   :(   ~~gi~~


needs to do what needs to be done. Change is hard. You fight to hold on and you fight to let go... in the end, we all know change is needed for you to grow.


Why is it that your head and heart tell you to do two different things? I wish I knew which one was right, and I wish they would agree sometimes.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

few weeks

new sem
new year
new lecture
new subject
new new new and new
new me ? i dun think so it is the new me..OLD me....MAYB ........


tempted BUT yaaaaa welcome busy life..AGAIN BUZY ?    T.T

AND NEW AGE.............................OLD already...........................
MARRIED ? mom said married at 24 wtf......
i dun ever ready for it.....

i want my life and family life first..that what i need MOST for NOW..

.............................THE END....................................

Friday, December 10, 2010

short note...

As the wind pass by..for has bring out my heart flew with the is tottaly hurt but what can i do........
i've try my best...........
dear HEART ..forgive me for my wrong doing..i have to..there is no more left inside....
i have to find it AGAIN...i have to...give some time so that i can fix what should and shouldn't not to be..
THESE heart is empty.........
give some sweet on it..and for that i have to make a sweetest for my heart to grow back..(dun wory...i am who i am..what i says is what i do..people dunno what i know and what i suppose to is me...i am being me and that wouldn't changed anything unless me)

BRAIN+HEART+MEMORY are together..


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

do you ???

The term C-O-U-P-L-E is NOT EXIST in my life anymore UNLESS I married.. ;D
 the truth behind THESE words.. some of it say "YES"......

Saturday, December 4, 2010

november DUDE !

november is the filling month for me and my life through out sense and making  UNSENSESSSSS LIFE..dude  !

cik lin kerja ? yesssss ! im a working woman now..
its not wortless due to i LOVE MY JOB NOW..heh....

urm so what is the topic for today ?
cik lin is hangging around on the top of BATU..with her safety and WITHOUT ROPE !..okey laaa..tali terlepas.. is funny..banyak GILA ULAT KAT BATU DAMAI TU..fffffffffffffffffffffff doe..cik lin borak borak la dgn ulat sambil manjat ulat gonggok tu..tapi warna hitam..TETIBE bnde tu manjat kat seluar...damnnn !..cik lin baling kat belayer bawak..hahah AMIK KAU !...
biasa la musim hujan GILA banyakkkk..derhhhh -_-"..

punya laaa CIK LIN BANYAK CERITA LAWAK laaa..bagi cik LIN LAWAK LA...YANG NI XLA LAWAK kan..ada lagi COMING PETI BESI DAH AKU ni..cik lin OUT DULU...tataaa...nanti update baru INTRO JE :D..

cik lin still EXIST !

hahaha cik lin still EXIST..just cik lin didn't have a lot of TIME to update her BLOG..
pssttt pssttttt..
im TELLING YOU..there is alot of stories that i need to SHARE with !.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH..

Monday, November 22, 2010


terjadi di madmonkeyz gym.. 


lain ?


lain ?

dun discover yet but i'm sure MORE UP SOON SOON SOON ! :P

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SUKA benO gelak !

kau nie kan CIK LIN..( merujuk kepada kawan aku )
sebab ape ? hah tu aku muskil tu

ok ok ok ( skrg cik lin berfikir)
apahal ?( cik lin mula GANAS !)
kau gelak laaa lin ada something yang BEST..cara ko gelakk tu LAIN sgt !..
ok ok ok ok ok ok CIK LIN BERFIKIR DGN KERAS !
apaaa diaaaaaaaaa ??
aku cakap bodoh kang..
xde laaa cara ko gelakk tu
tp MUKA DIA MACAM _._._._ aku rasaa aku xGELAK macam dia..HORROR gila..BOLEH MATI TGK MUKA DIA..hahah BUKAN MUKA AKU !!..

SAMBIL CIK lin cakap.. ( AKU NK BUAT KIJE NIE JOE !...ULANG 4 kali )

apaaa nie ?


mandi dengan 2 baldi KECIL ?( SANGAT KECIL )
naseb baik CIK lin kurussssssssssssssss~SHUuuuuuuuuuu...
hah !
korang boleh ?
cik lin buat sbb cik lin tatau PILI DEPAN UMAH TUTOP( BUDAK UMAH BALIK KG XCKP :(   )
bajet xde air!
hahahhahahahah amik akuuuuuuu LIN !tadah punya kecikkk airrr
ingat xde air ! BAGOS BAGOS !
jimatttt airrrrrr..nasebb baik x ehemmm ehmmm..kalOOO x mendapat akuuu...
nasib baik g kije mand..HAHAHAH
damnnnn NOT GOOD !..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

soon or later

The very worst part is that the minute you think you’re past it, it starts all over again.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

one by one.

"life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get."

what would you think ?

life ? EVILsss ? or in malay "JAHAT" ?

 macam mana kita nk berkata kata jika semua yang kita rasa atau terjadi tu adalah TIDAK ADIL ?

macam mana kita rasa ape yang terjadi tu kadang kadang SAKIT sangat..macam mana nk terima ?

macam mana kadang kadang tu kita rasa "KENAPA AKU KENE MACAM NIE ?"

what is the solution  for the QUES above?



30H!3- double vision

3OH!3 - Double Vision Lyrics

The sun is so hot,
The drinks are so cold
Your clothes just fall off,
As the day goes
We're gonna stay up,
Aint gonna lay low,
We're gonna dance all night because we say so
(Na na na)

I'm thinkin' maybe, I can't have relationships
'Cause lately, they're not making any sense
And baby, you're the one thing on my mind but that can change anytime

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I've lost all feelin',
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I'm seeing double vision,
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

Lets' do this outside,
Shut down the whole block,
Watch the girls strut by like it's a catwalk
We're livin' easy,
We got the whole day,
And we can go hard no matter what the cops say
(Na na na)

I'm thinking maybe, I can't have relationships
'Cause lately, they're not making any sense
And baby, you're the one thing on my mind but that can change anytime

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I've lost all feelin',
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I'm seeing double vision,
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

I see no vitals on your E-K-G,
Dead on the dance floor
We only,
Clap because we need more
3OH! 3 blowin' out your speakers
(HEY! )
Blowin' out your speakers

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I've lost all feelin',
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

'Cause there's so many fine women,
That my head is spinnin',
And I'm seeing double vision,
Everybody's singin',
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

Sunday, October 24, 2010


brain-I'll protect her.
heart-From what? From love?
brain-From pain.
heart n body n brain ?--Love *is* pain! Life is pain. You can't protect anybody from it, it's always gonna get you. But sometimes, life could also be good. But you got to be open. You got to takes chances. You got to let go!

HAHA now what ? heart,brain n body are together ? sick sick !

duhh duhh duhh :P

say it "Booooo" mirror..

Mirrors can't talk and lucky for you they can't laugh either

Don't hate me because you hate me, hate me because you ain't me

yOu're SO fLAt thE wALLS ArE JEALOuS!
Roses are red violets are blue god made me pretty what happened to you?
I'm sweet like sugAr, soft like suede, but unlike you, I never get played
Basically don't stress ME...U can't Impress ME...I ain't a tease...I'm just a reminder of what u can't please!
Life isn't a stop being a hoe!!!
i'M nOt SmiLiN At u ! i'M TrYiN nOt 2 LauGh!
I love not being you :) 

weeekkkkk ! you silly mirror,im just watcher :P

whos in LOVE ? better read this...or heartbroken ?

You know you are in love when you can't sleep because your reality is better than your dreams
ABILITY is what you can do... ATTITUDE determines how well you can do it
To the world your just one person but to one person you could mean the world
Don't push anything to hard, if it's meant to be, it will happen
A girl and a guy can be just friends, but at one point or another they will fall for each other..Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever...
If its a good idea, go ahead and do it, its much easier to apologize then it is to get permission
~*never fight with an ugly person~*~they have nothing to loose!!*~
**Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right besides you and yet you cannot have them.
I'm Loved by some, Hated by many, Envied by most, Yet wanted by plenty
If yOu ReAlLy LoVe SoMeThInG sEt iT fReE, iF iT cOmEs BaCk iT's YoUrS, iF iT dOeSn'T iT wAs NeVeR MeAnT tO Be

cehhh !

Don't cry because it's over, just smile because it happened

No guy is worth crying over, and when you find the one that is, he won't make you cry..


she is fighting on her own battle.
to be free from her past.
to live in her present.
and to create her future.


Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.
Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.


i dun need a GUYS in my life la..SEMAK SEMAK !..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

testing testing..

hahah dalam masa kita busy nie kan ? sukan perlu ada..ok ok xleyh lari dari manjat...sorry GUYS..its my priority..CLIMB and climb..sejak ada COBRA NEW BOYFRIEND..gagah PANJAT naaaa cik ye..semangat baru...jaga kasut la..xtest wall kat PCP n s.alam lagi nie :D..abisssss kasutt aku..nak frame lah cmni..hahaha..cik lin test kat madmonkey je...lalalalal...kasut tu utk manjat kat batu..phewwwwiitttt patukkk patukkk patukkk..baru ular :) my shoe much..
sayang nk heret kat wall..HAHAHAHAHA......sorry la guys bukan xnk g wall...wa xde masa yang betul skrg nie..haruu haruu ~...tunggu november eyh ? :P.. hahah kaler yang menawan..oren yang pasti..SILAU ~..grrrrr
nk beli yang lagi cntek later red chili..HAHA comfortable sangat ~..tapi cik lin sayang sama cobra lari2 atas wall n boulder..heheheh..datang madmonkey pun route mesti susah..mana boleh bagi senang dorg cakap ? -.-"..route LELAKI semua nye..adeh adeh..suku mati aku buat..attempt byk kali lah kan ..funn funn funn..
hilang sikit stress hahahah..cik lin mana tau stress kann kannnn -.-"..
tau gelak je kannn kannn.. HAHA :P
macam macam gaya la..
eyh how CLIMBING COMP at PAROI N.sembilan cik lin ?
dunno yet..involve ? mayb..alaaaaaaa borang byk lagi..haha..malassssssssss ~
tp yang pasti minggu depan kene manjat !...
kene kene keneee..terasa berat lah badan nie...adeh adeh..tapi berat maintain..bgs cik lin ! good job in making ur day fun without climbing..nk buat cmne. .:) ..
ok ok dah dah
BYE !  ( kenyit MATA)

final month

its been a few weeks wei !..
feels like i can become a new prime minister one day...hahah really ? -.-"
this is the finale week where~ i have finish all my SUPER critical days..
waiting ahead is EXAMs -.-"..again MORE critical.. 2 weeks only
fasterrrrrrr fasterrrrrrrr...
being student is FUN but when the time arrive..SORRY your limit is over lin..hahaha
GELAK GELAK controlling my day,my mood,everthings...huh !
( tu laaa sape suro amik banyak2 subject :P)..its WAJIB..hahah grad cepat :)

i need my sleep..24 hours..hahaha
i need my buddies..
i need my activities back
i need my climbing back
i need nature back
i need my normal life back..( actually this is the normal life lahh kan ? ) haha.. BAJET ! :P
i need my normal laugh again ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  like this ) :D
i need errr what else huh ?
hello actually its doesnt effect at all lah lin..BUT for me YES...effect alotss.. uwaaaaaaaa..

ok ok dah dah.. bye..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

im in a MOOD of stress..

hah ! kau tgk cik lin stress..
suka GELAk but stress
yaaa im stress
but not so
just RELEX
pretending to be " eyh nothing happen lah lin" COOL..STUDENT is COOL..can WAKE UP LATE !..kann ?
if you working ? " early in the morning for sure".
dan "BERUBAN le kau lin oi" HAHA..bayanggg kannnnnnnn ~..macam COMEL jek ?
AND...dah lama xclimb and SOoooo on..feelsss like im fatty then ?yaaa the one who felt that wayssss okey..MY GOD..
come on
its only 3 am in the morning and you lin..still infront of the LENOVO lappy..your lovely pumpkin kannnn ? :)..
only this month and next month before you have alot of TIME TO SLEEEEPPPPP..i neeedddd sleepppp sleeepppp to the MAX !! VOTE FOR SLEEP..bgn tdo bgn tdo bgn tdo..hah puasssssssss hati aku ! HAHA..gerammmmm lakk tuuu..
apee ko bebel kan nie lin..
dah la sakit GIGI lagi..BAGUS !..
xpe xpe...evertthing okey actually..just BORED...i need my time back...why why..hahahahhaha..gelak jela..yang boleh bila fikir2 balik macam kelaka pun ada.....
yaaa IM HAPPY la weyh !....
and HUMAN HUMAN..mmg best kalau BANYAK KAWAN bila nk deal dgn PERANGAI..boleh MENGUCAPPP panjang aku...sabar sabarrr..kita tgk bila kita biar..MACAM LIPAS X CARI KITA BALIK ?..masa tu aku cakap.."heh" tu je.....
aku xleh bayang kalau dah kije FULL time..kije PART TIME pun macam ape..
ishh ishh...SELFISH is on,irritating is on,XPUAS HATI is on,KAWAN MAKAN KAWAN is on..yaaa yaa..i saw all that...all i can says is SILENT AND WATCH...baik ko dgn hidup ko lah lin,xmenyusah kan org....try to be the best which is not so best la kannnnnkannnn..


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mayb ?

okey ! im just to natural today !..which is 12/10/2010..
had a BUSY WEEK i guess ! before exam SHOWS their THEETH..its mean EXAM IS AROUND THE CORNER... Zzzzzz

and today i have a time for a few hours to watch a MOVIE which is EAT ,PRAY ,LOVE
yaa i can barelly amaize for italy , india and bali..and for sure i LOVE BEING A TRAVELLER..
had so much MONEY huh ?
its just to yaaa SATISFACTION for me..and for sexual part i guess XPAYAH LA NAK AMIK PORT SGT DALAM CITE TU.. adehh.. but the story is okey and sometimes its ending with giggling on my face :D
some part KENA JUGAK LA DALAM HIDUP ni kan ?..LOVE...but on that story its DIVORCE..xbest la mcm tu..and for a women kadang kadang we  love being love and HURt being love TOo..its more to comparision between how we conduct the situation..
complicated IS A MUST I GUESS..we are not the perfect one but we can think it wisely..kannn ?..
choosing the right person is just a gambling in our life..balancing between family,life and surroundings..
family 1st FOR ME.. cerita tu ssuai utk org nk kawen jelaa kowt
sbb saya XNK KAWen LAGIIIIIIIIIII..muehehehehe... alahaiii sbb MARRIED IS MUST kan ? relexxxxxx.. :).. anyone ? :D

enjoy the movie....



Sunday, October 3, 2010

cerita seminggu..damnnnnnnn ! :P

haha sebelum tu gelak la dulu.. :D

seminggu punya cerita..tapi xde banyak bnde lawak la..CIK LIN BUSY GILA...
sorry to say tp mmg busy..xde ah CERITA LAWAK sangat kannn :)...ssbb MOOD stressssss..tapi stressssss keee ? a'ah stress aku !.. pastu minggu lepas dgn nk training competiton nya..haha tp xde lah nk training sangat kan sbb cik LIN NIE MALAS sikit :P..pastu dgn ASSIGNMENT YANG boleh bawak mengucap kau !..Zzzzzz


isnin-------> cik lin xde banyak cls as usual TIDUR ITU PENTING!!!..roger MUHD AMOI..plan kami nk g manjat untuk competition bouldering hari ahad nya..tapi sbb kami postpone..tapi MUHD AMOI POWER doee..dia xpayah training dah kuat..macam MUHD :D..hAHAHA

then ??

selasa ---------> kelas habis kami g lah MADMONKEY which is at WANGSA MAJU sec 2. :)..
okey muhd amoi cakap "YOU KITA  NAK PERGI PUKUL BAPE,CLS YOU ABIS BILA ?" cik lin balas la balik "KITA PERGI DALAM KUL 12 ? 1? hohoh so there you go" !...amoi cakap " okey see yahh at 2 "....cik lin..." okey tataaa "..
HAHAHA kata JANJI MELAYU.. amoi mmg cmtu..gua dah smpi pukul 2 lebeh pun dia xde lagi..hahaha
then cik LIN SIAP warming UP dgn manjat2 lagi dia xdtg lagi..okey jam dah pukul bapee kan..xpe xpe..cik lin kol la amoi..tanya " you kat mana ? " lamaaa lagii keee ? hahah ...pastu amoi ckp lagi 10 minit ! HAHAHA OKEY kita tgk 10 minit dia macam manaaaaaaaa ea ea ea ea..cik lin sambung la BOULDER..dah byk route, baru amoi smpi..HAHA 1 jammm..okeyyy.. :)
agak nya dia pergi ronda ronda dulu masa aku kol dia baru  nk mandi ? HAHA..adehh adehhh xpe laa..ape ada hal kan ? tapi best sbb ramai la plak ari selasa....smpi malam la nmpk nya..ROUTE MACAM APE...takot takot.. :P..tapi sayang cik lin kene balik awal la sbb ada kerja..kul 8 lebeh cik lin balik :)..soooo balik je terus buat kerja kerja..bayang kan 2 kije dalam  hari...then assignmnet bukan sikit..skli 2 assgnmnt aku buat...tidur ? LAMBATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT...mengantuk laaaaaa..nk kene tidur 21 jam nieee :P..
lepas panjat buat kerja..kalau xkuat nie abissss...JADI BUBUR... :P..

rabu -----------> heh heh hari rabu cls pack la..SORRY LIN xdpt g PCP manjat.i GOT ALOT of work to do...ikut kan hati nk pergi sbb DAMNNNNNNNNNNN ramai gila g..mesti best nya route yang nk panjat ..hmmmm..tapi xleyh g la..xleyh xleyh banyak kerjaaaaa...lin just g madmonkey sorg sorg..heh heh heh..niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! sampai sana suro bdak bdak lain bagi route..TERIMA KASIH la kan ! HAHA sbb bagi route susahhhhhh gilaaa.. smpi kaki kat MUKA BAGAI.. Zzzzzzzzzz..dah macam tenggiling dah aku ! zzzzzzzz..yang best nya even kita pergi sorg .kat sana kita just tegur je org2 yang boulder..sure okey punya...sombong mmg xbest la kan :)..tapi MOST IS A MAN...aku rasa aku je pmpn kat c2..terasa hoiiiiiiii kau manjat dgn laki je cik lin..route pun mesti la susah :D..paham paham laaa..level laki..kalau suro tmbah HOLD pun 1,2 je..damnnnnnnn HOT ! cik jantan dahhh zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzz...alhamdulillah la sbb banyak la jgk route clean even ATTEMPT banyak kali..hahaha ... susah la...saya PEREMPUAN :D..


khamis ------> okey its a busy day for presentation fOr my system,got got got got..then xtdo 2 hari sbb bnde nieee..hehh heehh hehhh..plan nk g madmonkey la kan sbb nk training..tapi bila cls abis lmbat pastu cik LIN DAH LANDING..mmg hehehehe ZZZzzzz la jadi nyaaa..xjadi manjat...penattttt ! 

jumaat --------> okey g manjat aaaa..ape lagi sbb sabtu kene rest dan ahad ada COMP dah...tapi cik lin bukan nya panjat HARD sangat..just build my arm bagi okey je..xla pump sgt :D

sabtu ? ---------. pergi rumah amoi..dgn uni n pijot hahaha MAKAN MAKAN TIME..tapi xla makan sgt kan..mmg lapauuuuuu sbnar nya..GELOJOH la uni n pijot nie :P



tataaaaaa sbb aku tau korg bosan nk baca...
soooooooooooonnnnnnnn the storys will updated.. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010


with bruises on her ego and her killer instinct tells her to be aware of evill world.
lin's monolog..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ahad 26/9/ house utk kawan mak plak..

MAK punya kawan..

lin tolong mak utk kawan kawan dia jgk
tapi lin punya BATTERI lagi low..
pastu xtahan naik atas DAN TDO..
hah !
cikl lin tdo dari kul 1 sampai 7.30 baru bgn..

sampai mak cakap lin nk ikot x kua?
lin cakap...xnk xnk,org nk tdooooooooooooooo je...
pastu bangun kul 7..tapi malas sebab HUJANNN JE ! niceeeee..mmg aku tdo tdo tdo..rasa nk tdo mghrib..kang ngigau..baru padan muka..
bgn bgn terus g nagdap lappy yg mmg terbukak je 24 jam..

MAK ? dia dah balik pastu dia naik atas..
kau orang nk tau ape mak cakap ?

mak - woiiiiii linnnnnnnn,baru bagun ke ? hehehe, kau balas dendam kan xdapat tdo cukup smlm ? ahaha..
lin - a'ah mak tau xpe..nk tdo lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..12 jam niee..heheh
mak - HAHA bagun laaa weii..hahahahaha mak gelak pjg..pastu dia cakap LIN SIEW SIEW dah mata..ko tgk mata ko kat CERMIN sikit ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..dia gelak...hahahaha
aku ? GELAK laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jugakkkkkkkkkkkk..hahahah..pastu aku cakap la..alaaaaaa ni sbb tdo la nmpk lagi okey ! mak tu pun mata sepettt ! bajet je tuuu ingt mata cantek sgt keeeeeeee ? HAHAHA..damnnn ! (sambil buat aksi tumbuk2 legan mak ) HAHAHA..

dia EJEK AKU DOE..tapi yang pasti.. 12 jam aku tdo..balik rumah sewe pun aku tdooooooooooo AWAL..puas hati aku ! HAHAHA..

ok dah tu je..bye..

OPEN house .25/9/2010..sabtu ...

ni semua mak punya pasal..seminggu sebelum tu 
dialog nya 
mak - LIN bile kawan kawan kau nk dtg ?
lin- minggu dpan la..sabtu !ok arkk ? nk masak ape ?
mak- masak ?tu nanti kita fikir la ye..

tupp tapp tupp tappp DAH jumaat !
ok la lin balik rumah
kul 9 malam g NSK bli barang2..duit ? opkos la lin yg kua kan..mak siap cakap 

mak- lin CUTTING CUTTING aaa bli barang ? ekekek
lin- a'ah mak...semuaaa punn xpeee org sukeeee HAHA.. zzz :D

 tau tau jela kalau lin dgn mak bersatu..GOSSIP je manjang kat NSK tu..haha bukan la nk gossip banyak bnde kelakar depan tu semua MAK yg start !lin ? NAIF ekekekek :D..
abah ? alaaaa dia biasa la ronda ronda kawasan..mana nk usha ape kita bli..TUAN BESAR mak kata..sian bapak..kene bahan jugak..huahua..dia leyh SENGIH je ? damnnn ! xde perasaan..

JUMAAT malam sabtu ugak kami masak..senang je masak..cuma bahan2 tu yg leceh sikit ! tapi mak yg temann..ekeke..sambil DENGAR BABI LALU BLAKANG RUMAH DENGAN ANAK2 NYA..BANYAK DOL..leyh BUAT SOUP!hahaha..HELLO xpercaya ? rumah aku dah macam ZOO dah..monyet ada,babi ada..hahaha xcaye ???? MEYH LA DATANG RUMAH....biasa la rumah dekat  BUKIT kan..hujan lak tu..standart..dah biasa pun...hahahahaha XTAKOT!..

everthing done..SEPARA MASAK..esok nya SABTU aku dah masak2 pagi pagi lagi...
kul 1 je semua dah siap !..siapa yg dtg TERBOEK KAN ??? HOT HOT..

bila kawan kawan datang MAK la yg bebel bebel je..hahah..kami memang byk cakap..kkdg dia g dapur kemas..DAPUR MASYALLAH ! bersepah laaaaa...dia punngg pangg kat dapur...lin tolong bebel2 lak kat depan..MACAM MAK MAK x ? heheh

MAK lin? haaaaaaaa bagi siapa dah jumpa mak lin aritu..dia BANYAK CAKAP KAN ? MEMBAHAN AKU NO 1..AKU JE YANG KENE...hahahahah.. double damnn ! menjatuh kan kaliber lin sbg ORG YANG COMEL..hahah.... zzzzzZZz

open house tu sampai 12 tgh malam...kul 2tghari smpi 12tgh malam..SIAPA YANG XDATANG ? haishh patot datang je..lin okey jele..cuma bila ptg  ke malam..batteri kami dah low..hahaha penat cakap je..MAK CAKAP..lin PENAT KAN CAKAP je ? ahahah
baruuu tauuuuuu keee makkk ? :P


ok ok to be continueedddd..


Thursday, September 23, 2010

me and syaf ..

apa di buat ?

-dalam ALMARI

-sergah org main pastu cak cak cak CAK CAK  :P...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what do you think about this ?

kisah hidup owg kt dunie nih...
-Today at work I was bored so I started to doodle on MS paint. My boss walks by and asks me to join him in his office. When I do so, he fires me for drawing offensive material. I drew a rainbow. FML
okey then i continue with : you fired ! :P
my friend says : xde aa ni pasal kat FML..kisah lawak yg sedih
then i said : work never blame others..the way BOSS conduct the worker is the problemss :P
my friend says :thats why its so sad...and laughable..heheh
then i said : its suppostly to be..'eh boss..why ahh ? im not ur dedication staff arkk ? :P..then the bos will slap gently on ur face..done ! double fored..huahua

my friend says : why he gently slap? he gay or what?...hehehe

then i said : sort off..the story wud be funniiehhhh ryte ? gently slap .. -.-"

my friend says : ouwaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..cacat ..


hahah OKEY !..

1000000000000000 kali cina..

benci kau wahai adik...ko ingt mata KO XSEPET kee ? hahah..jalan pun langgar tiang..huahua..

ko gelak pun mata xde..smpi aku cakap "WEYH  MATA MANA ? "..
adik sy ? " dia cepat cepat BESAR kan mata " HAHA ..
mak ? " pun sama ejek cina ! !
ni semua BAPAK  laaa...dia cinaaaaaaaaaa...
tapi saya paling obvious ke ? SALAH ! SALAH.. ! taruk mancis dah ni..kasik besaOOo sikitt jek..baru COMEL double ! huahua :P

cakap CINA ? sikit boleh laa...
CINA CAKAP CINA DGN AKU ? yelaaaaaaa...

dah dah..
haha gelak jela lin :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

HELLO climber..

hahah ! ni luahan PERASAAN seorrg kawan yang TIDAK mengikuti TRIP JERANTUT pahee weekend yang lalu~sshuuuuuuu....luahan yang semestinya JELES....bakar LINE lagikk ye..suka ! :P..Oh ye ada ABSAILING AIR TERJUN EK ?..deymm !

TAPI ! yang pasti lin dah g lah jerantut tu ...BEST !..cuma bouldering petronas dan absailing je ! best lah kn sbb g ramai2..yayyyyyyyyy !..trip lak tu..

PUTERI HANG LEE PO tunggu GAMBAR2 yang hendak di UPLOAD OKEY !.. -.-"

sure OTAI OTAI  DAH NIE SEMUA,kepada sesiapa yang pergi TRIP tu....SAYA lin siew siew takot dgn anda semua..huahua...sbb pulang dengan ilmu di dada ! perghhh...pasni xleyh la nk manjat sama2..dah level SULTAN DAH SEMUA..huahuahu..DAULAT TUANKU ARIL LIKE ..jajahan berleluasa..ekekek


Sunday, September 19, 2010

prOpaganda dunia..

membuat kita tidak mengerti apa itu kemanusiaan. ..

but its the real fact of  life do we need to "REDAH AJE LAH " ?
or  do we have to turn our HEAD right,left,right,left ??
or do we have to consider how it felt when THEIR heart broken to the limit or not ?
or do we have to think OUR needs rather than THEM ?
or do we have to PRAY for the best and make an EFFORTS on it ??
or think its all about the "DUIT LA,kau ape tau" ??
or should we see what the other side of  LIFE ?? MISKIN dengan ILMU ?LEBIH dengan KEKAYAAN?? or "naahhhhhh,TREND la..biasa la lin oi !"...
or sometimes we need to "BEREBUT"what doesnt belongs to us ??
or "KAU bila lagi"?

ok lin ! you saw all that and the conclusion ?
and lin answer back theres no conclusion on that typical and complicated question lin..its life and its round..believes what coming soon and SABAR might know WHOS THE KING of the GAME..


Friday, September 17, 2010


ntah tatau kenapa ?
( kau emo nape ni lin ? damn ! )
heh heh heh...

SABAR la lin..

PANAS AKU !..sabar sabar...



HAHA ijan !

dol ape ni sembang BERAK KAT FACEBOOK weyh !..tapi nice kn ?
berak sebelah sebelah...damnnn !..
aku ke yang start semua ni ???? HAHAHHAHAHAHHA BUKAN SAYA !...

kelakar nya wahai kawan............tetttttttttttttttttttt ! ok dah..



bila kita ada masalah..sabar jela..
bila orang buat kita..sabar jela..
bila orang ada masalah..kita diam n cakap sabar jela..DONIA DONIA.. ( geleng geleng kepala)
bila kita buat salah,ye ia akan berulang lagi  dan lagi ..sampai kita MATI..
aku kadang kadang pening tgk manusia ni..termasuk diri sndri..
kadang kadang KEJAM ya amat !..
kadang kadang BAIK ya malaikat!.. sabar jela lin..
kadang kadang ia tidak adil bagi semua orang,dan pasti ada hikmah di situ..KENAPA DAN MENGAPA ?
ada lebih BAIK di hadapan yang pasti..
SABAR la lin..
hanya SABAR je UBAT nya..dan KADANG KADANG dah xbolah sabar sebenar nya.. MELETUP JUGAK..
SABAR jela..
sape yang rasa hidup nya kosong tu tipu la..
lagi banyak masalah bila makin besar ni..cara nk atasi masalah je sekarang ni..
SABAR jela

KAU XBOLEH SABAR KAU REDAH JE LIN..facebook ada..kawan kawan ada..GELAK JELA THERAPY NYA..nasib baik aku ramai kawan CACAT..huahuahua

nenonenonenenenoeneneo PANGGIL BOMBA..cik LIN PENGSAN........................ :P

:) :) :) :)


i hate when this things happen !..
cakap salah..xcakap salah..cakap membuat org gado,xckp buat org gado jgk !
diam je lebih baik,xcakap pun..alihh alihh AKU jugak yg kene..
FUCKER bole ?sabar jela lin..haishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

nak beritahu MATI...xbtau pun MATI ..
INVESTIGATE LAH SENDIRI..aku xnk cakap ape ape ..aku tau pun aku xckp..xnk ckp..BAIK TIDOR !..
shuhhh shuhhh pegi jauh jauh...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

cerita di kampung ? yes !! :p

pagi pagi suboh ! aku dah bagun..sebab APA ? kau tengok cik lin bagun pagi pagi ! perghhh..kat kampung memangggg suci je HELLO memang cik lin ni baik ok....SEJUK NK MATI KAT KAMPUNG TU..xpayah AIR COND..mulot keluar asap dah..siap cakap kat mak macam ni ("mak cuba mak tgk mulot lin ada asap x ?",mak cakap asap ape ?"biasa la mak pagi pagi mmg cmtu..sbb dia selubung jugak tu kesejukan..nk curik SELIMUT dia yg tebal tu xleyh sbb dia g balut badan dia dgn bnde tu !..cehhhh..)..air kat toilet OTW nk g toilet mmg gegel..sejuk sejuk..CIK LIN PAKAI STOKIN !..boleh bayang kn ? kalau boleh nk amik selimut usung kesana arkk ?..Zzz

macam biasa la kalau kat kg tu..jarang jumpa..LAGI LAGI MUKA CIK LIN NI !..maklum la bz je..
kita kat kg ni nk happy happy je..padahal ASSIGNMENT banyak sukaaaaaaaa -.-"
 leyh kira bape kali balik kg.. 2x kowt.. dlam 1 tahun :)...perangai XMATANG cik lin datang..mak join jugak lak tuu..bising ! sangat2..!...buli buliii...ketua dia ? MAK LA..haha semua salah mak..mak la nieeeee....suka start dulu :P..
ampun mak ! 
g umah pak long ? huehue cik lin rembat BASIKAL DIA..g JALAN2 kat kg..panassssssssss !..hitam kot saya jadi xpe..asal kn leyh merasa JATUH ATAS RUMPUT !..comel comel..
dan LAWAK!..
xpuas rasa nya..memandang kn nk tgk tv kn..haishhh..
tp yang pasti di kg xhujan sgt la..hujan MISCALL kita panggil..

DUIT RAYA !..buat masa ni meningkat sikit ! HAHA 50 hngget dah..hello..patut nya kita ni xkawen lagi n belajar lagi mmg duit nye besar lah kn..ok la..budak kecik dapat sikit dari kita..kita dapat  nahhhhhhhhh kau ! 10 hngget..niceeeeee..even baru 2,3,4  umah g..heheheh

anda bagaimana ? :)..
puas hati ? tidak ? buat buat la pendek kat diri saya bagi tipssss macam mana nk dapat duit raya..HAHA..masa budak budak beraturrr tu kn kn.. g la beratur pendek kat diri la..HAHAHA..try this !..sure happenning..

masa BERAYA ? again lin punya tips untuk perut yg sehat ! NO AIR GAS PLEASE..selama saya beraya saya tidak menyentuh air gas ! kau tgk cik lin..punya jaga perut..haaaaaaa..sure berkesan..xde masalh cirit keterlaluan..HOT MAMA la jadi nya kalau ke toilet ?

ok ok dah dah..nyte..


im in a mood of blogging..

huishh..nama nk gempak je kn ?
xde la gempak mana..
balik KUALA LUMPUR..ok ok now aku rasa aku dah GEMUK dol

jengg jengg WHAT HAPPEN WITH LIN ?
now i try my slim fit jeans which is 28..and my blacky fit jeans kot..
KETAT doe..
tp muat..cuma ketat..
boleh teka berape berat ?
ok ok..
im not diet ! but SUKAN itu penting..
balik kg main basikal je..mana kuat !..LEMAK PUN SEGAN NK SENYUM..haha :P
kau tengok cik lin makan,xkuat tapi kerap..g umah sana makan,umah sini makan..

ok ok next next...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i get it from her..

darl... believes that challenges come before us so that we can discover the magnitude of our strength, and without all that, we will never grow stronger...
sometimes the road we walked is rough, but it's the bumps along the way that will make u learn the most and gain the most strength...
Be who u want to be, not what others wants to see. Be true. Be unique. Be free... Live life to the fullest.
Yesterday u cannot change. Tomorrow u cannot predict. Don't let this unfortunate sad situation gets to u.It is not a hill worth dying on. Don't let these circumstances tear your heart in to. Soon, this sad chapter of your life will be gone...It is just a matter of time...
Take care love... :) 

p/s: i'll make your words become my strength bed..thank you for must go on..but the memory never fade away..

xde bende lawak

raya ni xde bnde lawak ?..
naaaaa...pasti haru bila beraya....
oh yee..saya punya raya ?
ok ! FUN !..tapi !
hahahah..wa target banyak la kn duit xsedar tu dah besarrr..huahua
tp xpela..dapat jugak..

dialog nk duit raya ??

aku - (melihat je budak budak bratur)

budak budak (kazen2)- kak lin dapat duit rayaaa..(pegi tayang tayang kat aku lagi)

aku - panas..ahahahaha bajetttt budak budak nieeee.. :P,xboleh main mercun ! ahakss

(bila turn saya ) ?

beratur jugak..HAHA buat muka COMEL! ..pastu saya ckp..cik lin xdpat duit raya ke ? hahah
pastu sume org gelak,...n berkata..sbb kau sekolah lagi,..nahh !..hehehe
saya dapat doe !..
kazen kazen yg dah kawen pun wa tapauu !..lin nk jugak duit RAYA..xkawinn lagiii..
org besau duit pun besauu arkk ?
tp mmg susah kalau dah besar ni..habuk pun tarak :P
xpe lin RAYA SEBULAN !..MISI KENE TERUS KN ! huahua..
untung untung leyh bli KASUT CLIMB BARU ekkkk baru raya ke 5..
haha..LIN LIN -.-"

what should i tell ?

this ? that ? or mayb i'll keep it ? heh..

hello im back..

have been 5days of RAYA huh ? 
what did you guys eat for this RAYA ?
mee too !! -.-"
im FAT lol
cannt tahan la balik kg..makanan SEDAP2...huahua...

biasa la bila family gathering..alot of kampung food will out..damn !..

dear CLIMER and friends..i misss YOU guyss soo DO others classmate....SWEET X ? ekekek

ok ok later blog..bye :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

raya MANO ?

aku ? haha JOHOR rideaway dude...
ape ada di sana? 
best raya korg ?
MERIAM jom !
NAKAL la lin nie :P
makan banyak ?
aku ?
yeee yee yeee kotttt..
DUIT RAYA ? (SURAM~ shuuu sbb kita dah besau ) tapi kalau dpat mesti duit pun besau arrkk ?nicee..aku lagi suka cmtu
persiapan ? nahhhhhh  kau !..4X shoooping..mak punya pasalll sumee makkkkkkkkkkkkk... :D
bila balik kg ? jap lagi kowt..MALAM rayaa..
ape plan raya lin ? 
1. g umah sedara MAKAN..( berat naik woi ) =.="
2. rambat basikal embah..HAHA jerit org tua tu ( xpadan dgn pmpn ) zzzzz
3. kacau anak  sedara ( bagi nanges ) HAHA
4. meriam tanah opkos,wa dah plan baikkk punya ni..supaya KAZEN KAZEN JOIN ! hahah kazen LELAKI la..
mana pmpn nk naik bnde2 cmtu..
aku rasa aku je kowt ! -.-"
kuih raya ? heh heh HELLO jangan ingt saya tatau buat okeh !..tgk tgn laaaaaaa.. :D

baju raya ? 3 je..cmpur cmpur ado 5 !..zzzzzzzz banyak ek..xpe..nama pun perempuan..
lagi lagi lagi...



tp xpe..HAPPY CLIMBING !..tunggu lin..

chow chow.. MAK PANGGIL ! jerit jerit DIA..!...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BANGSAR ! tempat kerja apak...

hahahahahahh ! peristiwa ni dah lama..tapi asal lalu tmpt kerja ayah je mesti GELAK BESAUUU!..

nk tau 1 cerita..
tp bagi lin sgt la lawak nya....sbb ape ?? Sampai sekarang ingt..hahahah..siap ingt dialog lagi..hahahhaha

tempat ;tempat kerja ayah
sebab ? : kawan langgar kawan masa reverse kereta ?HAHA ,macam serious arrkkk topic ni ? nahhhhhhh..mana ada weyh..mmg korg tgk pun leyh gelak sampai nanges !

member ayah + ayah berborak..aku ? tunggu dlm kereta ..dari jauh leyh xla bape nk jauh sgt kn.....aku melihat  je kawan dia cakap..ayahhh penuh khusyukk mendengar..sambil berdiri atas batu..

pastu ! tgh syok syok ckp..member lagi sorg reverse kereta,LALU ! melanggar member la..tapi kalau leyh letak video tape dlm kepala ni MEMANG KORG GELAK !..
sampi debukkkkkkkkkk jatuh..cepattt cepattttt member ayah bgn sbb ada awek CUN c2..hahahahahahahahahhaahahahha..aku dlm kereta GELAK kawww kawww...
AYAH ? dia dalam dilema samaada nk TOLONG ke ATAU NAK GELAKkn..HAHAHA...

sbb ape tau ! aku nmpk muka ayah cmnk gelak..pastu nk tolonggg..hahah mana 1 da...
member kua dari kereta lalu berkata " SORRY BANG,xnmpk xnmpk."
pastu dia cakap "kau leyh xnmpk aku ek ? punya besar ni xnmpk ? kau langgar !"hahahhaha
muka NERVOUS jek member...

pastu tadi dalam KERETA ckp la balik kat adik " weyh ko ingt x kwn ayah kene langgar pastu bgn macho ?"
MAK menyampukkk..
bapak saya ? gelakkkkkk laa ape lagii...

XDE YANG SADIS nya kene langgar tu..seyess la...kenapa laaa byk bnde lawak terjadi depan mata aku niee..mmg gelak je..hahahahah

ok ok ok ..cerita sambung lain ok...banyak sebenar nya..HAHA...


kuala lumpur.

hari ini aku serious jek menulis blog,...

apa ?
ada masalah ? BAJET JE LIN OIYYY
g shooping dgn mak buat kali KE 4  !!..
hauhua..byk kn ? hello beli skit2 okeyy..
makk aihhh punya ramai org...


lagi sekali RAYA RAYA ! 
bila LIN +EMAK nya BERSATU..pasti ada sahaja PERKARA lawak terjadi atau di jadi kn ?
err apa pnye ayat ni linn..

topic 1 = kedai BAJU READY MADE PEREMPUAN ? alaaa baju kurung siapp laa..
di sbb kn aku ni suka tgk ape org buat n gelagat mereka..jadi bnde jadi lawak...
aku cakap la dgn adik laki.."weyh,kau tgk makcik tu...bersungguh2..(tp seyes kalau korg tgk sure nk gelakkk doe) ni bukan tipu ! ni betul betul punyaa..hahaha), xsempat dia nk bukan baju dah try lain.."

mak menyampuk " ape doe ape ? ( mak gelak kecil )" boleh lak tu mak gelak ?

aku berkata " mak xleyh tau nanti lagi teruk,hahaha "
adek aku " ape weyh ( gelak penat )"
aku " gelakk besauu n tunjuk tunjuk"

mak " jom lah blaa,sendat kedai ni...xde udara " help !" !!! hahahah..

makk makkk
pastu adek laki bongokleyh siap wat aksi ape makcik tu buat ! ( ni bukan nk kutuk tau ! tapiiii SPONTAN" ! sebab hari panas n BOSAN..seb baik ada bnde kelakar :D" hahahah

cerita TAMAT ! ada lagi..jap lagi eyh...


Monday, September 6, 2010

HAHAH ! mak jugak...


DALAM BILIK LIN !..mak aku pakai pudah...

pastu HIDONG terkua..
aku cakap la " MAK kenapa HIDUNG terkua ? cacat jek ,senget lak tu pakai nye hah ! "
huahauhauhauhauhau..( GELAK GULING GULING )
mak ? ( GELAK NANGES NANGES doe ! )
pastu dia try la ckp dgn purdah tu..aku cakap la...mak kenapa MATA XNAMPAK MAK ? MANA MATA ? huahauhauhauah...
mak cakap lahh.."a'ah kn MATA KENAPA org arb tu PAKAI STYLE JEK ? "...MATA BESAUU lagi arrkkk ?

HAHAHA lin pun cakap "a'ah lah mak...huahua..cuba mak buat gerakan mulut sikit..keatas kn kn ? tutOP mata yg xnmpk tu ! huhuhuhu.."

mak ? ( GELAK NANGES NANGES balik ! ) huahua..

aku jugak betulkn dia pakai......

mak ? dia boleh tgk cermin n buat aksi " huarghh huraghh huragghhh nk tgk gerak kke x ? damn ! makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
NONGENG NONGENG aku gelak kn dia...

sobsss nanges dia gelak...
tolak tolak GUA lagi lak tu...

hah ni lah result nya !!
MATA XNMPK JUGAK..ejekkkk linnnn lagii mata sepetttt ! hua huahua
aku pun cakap la.."MAK meyh org tngkap gmbar ! "...ecececece dia gelak lagi weyh !...seyessss lawakkkk...
ok  ok STOP gelak linn...hahhahah
dah dah 

bye bye ! :D

mak lagi !

checkitdaud... A.K.A check it out....huahuahua NICE KN ! bahasa..

ok lah mak dah beli kn baju RAYA..kebaya ! feewitttttt !..slim kau lin...ececec

pastu mlm tadi try la kn..mak surO pose doe..ada lah selendang..mak cakap " pakai laaa lin selendang tu"
aku cakap la.." mana reti makkkkk ! "..pakai kebaya xleyh lari lari arkk ?
mak cakap " mana boleh lari yg kau xduk diam apasal. ? "
lin cakap.."cm style je lari dgn kebaya "
huahuahuahuah gua KENE GUA keneee..mak ni dah pandai ni bahan org nie..cissss..lin pun cakap
"mana ada tomboi mak ! " pmpn apeeee..
pastu mak cakap..."pmpn apee..kau tgk ko pakai cm ape ? "..huahuahua gua keneee lagiiikkkk....

aku SAYANG MAK AKUU weyh !..cucucucucuu
pastu mak gelakk gelakkk kn saya..
pastu lin cakap "mak kene pakai kasut tinggi lah ni kn ? "
mak cakap " a'ah kasut tinggi la,kau ade keeee ?"pakai pakai..

HAHAHAHA mak bahan lagi..

aku cakap " adaaa laaaa 2 KETUL je..bukan byk pownnn..susah laa nk lasak "
mak cakap " cuba jalan guna kasut tinggi...KASAR mak ni kasar kasar...hahahahha
GELAK lagi...
dia bahann akuuuu je smlm...xpe xpe layan layan...

pehhhhh MEMANG wa cakap gua MEMANG ayuuuuuuuuuuu !... -.-"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ok lah mak !

HAHAHAH ! makk aku bahan aku doe !..damn !..ok lah lin okey je mak. bahan la.." KAU NI PENDEK LAH LIN"... pastu lin pun berkata..apeeeeeee ? mak tgk org ni xCOMEL ke..di kalangan kawan2 org yg COMEL tau x..wawawa...lagi teruk aku kene.....damnnn...makkkkkkkkkk !.hahahahhaah..xpela..seb baik sama perangai so..bapak yg kene bahan outdated...ngeeee...


sambung sok..tdo tdo..bye :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TRY THIS !... ( pelakon lin n aiza ) :P

buka dgn dia ? yes !...suka la.. lessy is together !:)

location?: kg baru why ? XDE IDEA..pergi jela sbb dah pukul bape kn..pastu JEM!.. tau tau lah org kuala lumpur kalau dah petang petang....borong makanan kat bazaar tu jela..heh heh heh..oh ye..kami order ikan masak sweet sour,xla byk menu yg kami aku masih makan xabis...NICE !JIMAT KE MEMBAZIR?..mana larat makan nasi byk2..wawawawa...
then pergi TESCO ampang..ok la nk di jadi kn cerita...nk bli

pstt pstt korg penah x buat bnde gila ?xla bape nk gila..tapi masa nk pilih air gas atau 100 plus ke..korg akan tgk air tu mana 1 yg paling tinggi akan menjadi pilihan hati~..ececec..HAH ! aku buat !..punya lamaaa kat 100plus tu sbb nk tgk mana 1 tinggi...smpi akak2 kat belakang dok tgk kami n mesti dorg berkata dlm hat..ape budak budak ni buat ???? mmg PERANGAI PERANGAI....linnnnnnnnn linnnnnnn..siap btl btl kn 100 plus yg jatuh lagi..he he he...dr depan smpi belakang aku last ! DAPAT yg tinggi sikit isi air dari yg lain..hah ! TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! seronok..mesti ada air yg tinggi sikit..kkdg byk....alaaa sbb yg isi air dlm 100 plus atau air GAS yg lain kn mesin....kdg ada yg tinggi sikit isi nya...SERIOUS..HAHAHA ...........saya selalu buat..tu boleh bersila depan  air tu..

SBB ape saya buat ? SUKA SUKA best agakk leyh buat org AKAN PANDANG KORG 16 kali la kn..tertonggeng tonggeng  tgk air :P..


kalau malas xpayah la buat..hahah 1 keje plak.. hhuhuhu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

salah toilet kat alamanda ? Zzzz

location : alamanda putrajaya..
real ? : SANGAT REAL..malOoooooo :D

ok ok that it !..utk pertama kali nya lin salah masOK toilet..........
eyh macam mana boleh salah doe ?
hah ! jgn tnya aku..aku pown tatau..tau tau dlm toilet dah 10 minit.. then dgr suara lelaki cakap2..btl btl ahh !..
pastu saya terdiam jap dlm toilet dan berkata dalam hati ( uish aku masok toilet lelaki ke dorg yg msok toilet pmpn ? eyh xmungkin sbb td tgk nmpk pmpn ke ? ) jadah nye weii !..adoi adoi HAHA

pastu ? lin mmg relex..xpe xpe kasi setel dulu then baru keluar..

keluar cm biasa sbb NASIB BAIK ORG XDE DALAM TOILET ~ KOSONG ! hah bagus la !..
jln lenggang lenggang n sengeh sengeh je pastu gelak kecil---------> BESAR..salah toilet  ZZZzzzz..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


menilai seseorang dengan kelainan yang ada..
lain daripada yang lain ? ( betul ke bahasa ni )..

melihat dan menilai adalah 1 perkara yang sangat susah bagi saya..
melihat kadang kadang xsama dgn menilai ? ( betul lagi ke bahasa ni )..

hai hidup,kejar dan mengejar ni bukan selalu perkara yang sihat ? ( BETUL ?)

cacat xsemesti nya orang tu cacat ? ( kn ?)..

ok ok ok ok lin dah cakap cm KELING di sini..   :P


yallah banyak nya,MANA 1 ni......
semua lebih kurang je....
penatttttt nyaaa.....       =.="
......sangat sangat confius..assume semua sama jela cmni..

hari hari begini................

hari isnin,selasa........rabuuu....kalau hari hari begini kan bagusss..xde clsss.....cancelll je semuaa..pastu nk menganti MENANGIS..zzzzZZz

managament and organization behavior cls... HAHA

ok im late again !..suppost it cls at 8.50..and i woke up at 8.50 tooooooo ! makk aihhh..xpe xpe..relex..10 minute im ready !..GILA FAST FAST kn kn ! ( mandi okey ) wangee,siap nynyi2 dlm toilettt lagi..pls.. :D

location lin's house : watch shown errr texting syafrina my clss mate and says.."SYAF tolong sign kn utk aku ? tau !"..

syaf replied : xboleh la cik lin,sir dah tnye ko mana,HAHAHA......WANTED WANTED..cik lin is wanted ..sir dah kenal..

lin replied : yeke ? kalo aku masok mmg jap jela kn..cls abis 9.30..adoi leyh plak dia tanya SAWAN AKU SAWAN... HAHA damn !

syaf ?? dia xreplied!!!!..concentrate lah konon....kalo ada cik lin mmg dia gelak je..huhuhuhuh

location : MARA college..level 3 ~

 cik lin l : saya jengah jengah la..then bermonolog lagi ( eishh nk masok x nk masok x nk masok x ??) ahhh masok jelaa..

cik lin lagi : "sirrrrrrrrrrrr kelas dah habisss keeeeeee ??" ..soorrryy im blur jap pagi semua nya SPONTAN..

then ? what happen ? 

sir : haaaa masok masok...asal lambat ? 

cik lin : menahan GELAK nya dgn ...bersembur lah jgk gelak tadi..HAHHAH lawakkk laa..aawat nyaaa aku pergi tnye cmtu,pastu cik syaf ckp ko ni cacat laaa lin..ahahahah..whattttttt !?...aku ckp la dgn sir errr traficc jam  sir..sbb,melintas jalannn..GELAK lagi..ok ok...sir BAHAN aku sekarangg nieeeeee... HAHAH gua kena guaa kenaaa..xpe xpeee sir..nantiiii :D HAHA

sir : hah muka bagun tidurr lagi tu..Arghhhh gua kena lagiiiii HAHAHA
HELLO dah mand..xpela even mata mmg nmpk sepet..ok sirrr what ever... :D..

cik lin : gelakk gelakk n gelakkk..1 kelas gelakkk..mana tahan xgelak kn kn my..
heehehheheeh nakal lah cik lin ni.......tau gelak je :P..pasal diri sndri lawak kowt..

gahhhh ~

.................................the END......................

Monday, August 23, 2010

almost 2 ??

 ATTENTION : This short dialog include the high imagination !plss have a pleasure mind okey !
location: in lin's ROOM !

hello lin,
go and get ur beauty sleep laaaaaa... care for your skin okey !..Zzzz..
and my head says.............hello heart n brain, miss lin didnt finish her assgnmnet yet !!..can u please dO not disturb miss lin ?
erghhh.. -.- "
and the pillow,blanket etc : says.. miss lin,its ur Bed time..leave all ur work behind pls..pillow is COLD..and comfy nieee.. OMG !..
miss lin eyes says.. MISS lin im sooooo sleepy now..soo soo can i concentrate with ur work and this eyes is already half n SEPET sangat ????? dun u seee misss lin ? look at the mirror at the back :P.


ok ok now the brain +heart+ eyes + BED = is ARGUING EACH others... ( imagine !) ya ya ya..nice but sounded weird hereeeee..pls dun imagine To much lin..hey hey...its CUTE la guys..okey !  now what !!! whos the winner of the night !! faster faster make a decission noW!.. already 2 in the MORNING...

common miss lin..yu have to choose either one of it ! DUN TAMAK..HAHA..

ok ok.....errrrrrr can i make a request for not to choose ??? difficult not good in choosing ..wekkkk

the story......................end......................(opps,tergantung)................

tataaaaaaaa continue later okey !