Wednesday, June 9, 2010

camp 5 enduro 24 hours top route and boludering competition..

hahah this is the best comp i ever ................................ FUN!,okey lah begin with me, amoi and adam register..blaaa blaa blaa we got a goodie beg !..okey lah sbb warna kuning,leyh bawak g cls ! hee hee hee
 gues what,its 24 hours lah weyh,begin at 5 end at 5 sunday...zzzzz zzz sleepy nya..penat nya..masing2 penat ahaahah barai lagi,tukang tgk pown penat skli :D..mlm2 buta jln2 dlm one utama cm org gila cari kedai mamak,wawaw at the end,nahhhh we found kedai mamak at old wing !..manjat manjat tembok kat one utama sbb nk ke seberang jln..seee i've made it..gila comel aku.seb baik xjatuh =.=",rasa sgt2 lah gila malam tu...ekeke..okey lah sbb even kami main2 the result is okey ~ yayyy! top 10 but xde hadiah..xpela..we have try our best :) comp i guess..hee heee :)'s the picture..nice kan ? cm dalam club..zezezezezez...

botik tau tdo je...

Friday, June 4, 2010

few days ahead..

helloOooo..its been 4 days i didn't update my blog..heheh oh yaa express ur feelings lin ~~full of color?TRUEEE,full of laugh?TRUEEE,full of feelings?? ! awwwwww..feelings ? haha new boyfie i guess ? ohh no not now..but who knows ? i hve to cntinue my journey from the day i fall!...tikkkk toookk tikk tokk tikk tokkk.. :)..they brighten ur lifed ! kn kn ? your friends,i cant stop launghing at all the tyme,climbing at PCP on wednesday,then lepak lepak kat malee kiri..heheh..9 table straight..BAHAN BAHAN..i and amoi continue our mission ! hahaha shhhhhhhh its a secret lah..but muhd amoi,can i SINDIR2 you ? boleh boleh ? ahaha..oh mayb not? rasuah plssss :P,xpayah banyak,i and apis nk pizza je..huhuhu..ok ok back to our about 4 days at AMPANG,climb,training la sgt,smpi 3 pagi..barai kat shah alam..huhu ,lepak kat sunway,shisha..err but i duno how to shishaa,hisap pown xbetul..lalalalala...then packing my stuff at ampang,move out to our new house..near! save my budget lah kn thats all i can wisely says for now :)