Sunday, May 9, 2010

A night ..

i've learned a new things in my life..
i've learned everthing in a night..
keep on thinking for a certain solution for her...keep on thinking WHY is this happened for a the age of 19 years rip out her teenager in every second..!for me its is not fair for her to accept everthing bad,everthing doesn't seems "YES"you have to accept it if u're my daughter,sister etc..
pity for her which is for me "that gurl" is a nice gurl for me eventhough i know her for a day..
the bigger problem we have, a THOUSAND problem for her to faced of ALONE!..

only friends is the place for her
only friends know how the feels
only friends know and worried for her
only friends know what is the best for her
only friends know how to keep on comforting her
only friends know how to solve the problem ( you can't imagine that READER)
eventhough we as a friends have a limit,but we tried the best for her..

noted : i can't be her now,i can't imagine how ! :(,take care,we always by ur side..

love LIN..