Wednesday, May 12, 2010

should it be this !!

today ? jalan2 je,watching moviee alone,buying somethings that hehh gurls lah kan!!,i just know something that surprising me..just let me kept it :), deserve you be that..xbaik bwt org macam tu,sbb saya xpernah bwt cik macam tu..why ea? u never learned,dun says that im the one whos bad for you..dun ever says that im the one who make a problems/mistakes with you,we just HUMAN..never perfect at watching what next :)..its JUST ALASAN lah,STOP blaming others,its just YOU had a problems with yourself,not me...look urself..deep inside...APA YANG ANDA MAHU ? playing ?keep on playing with urlife,sampai mati pown org KEEP on mangata BELAKANG2..did you know? its 1:1000 whos likes you,trust you,blaablaabllaaaa..BET me..all i can says is watching and diam :)..keep on doing something that can bring you down unconditionally... sabar is the best medicines for yourlife happy..hipokrit is me..loved being hipokrit..because we'all in this WORLD is hipokrit,totally :),if u an angle than yes ur not hipokrit..we can't be ourself FOR A CERTAIN THING,is it ?thank you for messing my life..

noted: HER..psychic..