Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mayb ?

okey ! im just to natural today !..which is 12/10/2010..
had a BUSY WEEK i guess ! before exam SHOWS their THEETH..its mean EXAM IS AROUND THE CORNER... Zzzzzz

and today i have a time for a few hours to watch a MOVIE which is EAT ,PRAY ,LOVE
yaa i can barelly amaize for italy , india and bali..and for sure i LOVE BEING A TRAVELLER..
had so much MONEY huh ?
its just to yaaa SATISFACTION for me..and for sexual part i guess XPAYAH LA NAK AMIK PORT SGT DALAM CITE TU.. adehh.. but the story is okey and sometimes its ending with giggling on my face :D
some part KENA JUGAK LA DALAM HIDUP ni kan ?..LOVE...but on that story its DIVORCE..xbest la mcm tu..and for a women kadang kadang we  love being love and HURt being love TOo..its more to comparision between how we conduct the situation..
complicated IS A MUST I GUESS..we are not the perfect one but we can think it wisely..kannn ?..
choosing the right person is just a gambling in our life..balancing between family,life and surroundings..
family 1st FOR ME.. cerita tu ssuai utk org nk kawen jelaa kowt
sbb saya XNK KAWen LAGIIIIIIIIIII..muehehehehe... alahaiii sbb MARRIED IS MUST kan ? relexxxxxx.. :).. anyone ? :D

enjoy the movie....