Sunday, January 23, 2011

lama nya..

habuk dah blog aku nie...

berkurun xblog blog..sangat2 bz la dgn hidup..

makin tua makin bz oi.
Soooo NAK MULA macam mana nie ?

EDUCATION - begin with the year 3 and sem 5 this is my hope which is..there is alot OF commitment that i need to settle with PAPER,LAPTOP,INTERNET,PROJECT....EXAMSS..QUIZess...blaaa blaaaa blaaaa..wicked LIN !

MONEY- YEsssss for 2011 faces money prob,HELLO currently im still working at MM,and im not planning for resign lah !..MONEY MONEY...PART TIME....

FRIENDS- oh yaaa friendddsss...hurmmm remove friend and adding MORE friends ? im prefering MAYB and let the time decide either should i add or drop friends..esspecially FACEbook LIST OF friends...WHY ?
there are 101 friends request and i still PENDING with WHO they are..i dun even know you guys..and FB friends ? 1000 blaaa blaa blaaaa...RAMAIIIII nya...hahaha...SABAR okey ! nanti cik lin apprve SOON !..not now..Fb pun jarang ON9..

MENTAL- yeahh ! turning into 23,24 years old...and DAH TAU DAH AKU DAH TUA,...sikittttttttttttttt laa ! xbanyak xnmpk pun mcm tuA..awet MUDA..heh heh heh..memperkukuhkan MENTAL dari semasa KE SEMASA..betul ke ayat nie ? so ! i can gett it HIGH i can get it HIGH :P

SURROUNDING- STILL sama..KURANG KAN SAHAJA aktiviti yang RASA PERLU ADA ATAU TIDAK ADA..TAPI ! EXTREME SPORTS STILL in my heart..and im not thinking of removing IT !..

THINGYY - tadaaaaaaaaaaa ! ada benda baru ? ehem ehem...NO lah...STILL same..but i GOT new socks FROM TOMMY...hahahaha FREE ! BRIGHT PINK and YELLOW with GREEN on IT! COLORful YOU are LIN...

BF- heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheh i LOVE YOU !

actually !cik lin got alot to write on this MANY !...