Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy birthday LIN :')

Alahh alahhh what a sweeet cik lin celebrating her birthday on 26th of JULY :)..what a happy day for me and plus my age..alalalal..ure still young lah lin...yes you are :)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY lin..may ur dream come true,and may ur life success till the end of ur life :')...YES! am a BIG gurl BIG.. :D...

SO..did you GET anything from ur family and friends? or ur boyfriend?:D..
to good to be telling u guys that i am so happy for my DAY!..thank you MOM,thank you DAD for the PRESENT..lots of wishesss from u  guys..thank you friends.thank you boyfriend for the necklace and surprise celebration kee ? :).. Facebook friends,school mate,college mate,climber mate..thank for all doa and may ur will be paid :)..

hahah ok la atas bahasa inggeris,bawah bahasa melayu la plak :D..
kang cm xsedar diri lak kan :P..hahah ni nak cite ni..cmne surprise celebration tu ?:D..hahah cm lawak pun xlawak pn ada..well well..tapi sian dgn kwn2 la sbb dorg yang kena tunngu lama 2 jam konon nk suprise sy sy xdtg2 dgn aris,,,HARIS SESAT DOE!..APTB la dia tu...hahaha..thank you thank you :)<3 <3

muahh muahhh :)