Sunday, September 19, 2010

prOpaganda dunia..

membuat kita tidak mengerti apa itu kemanusiaan. ..

but its the real fact of  life do we need to "REDAH AJE LAH " ?
or  do we have to turn our HEAD right,left,right,left ??
or do we have to consider how it felt when THEIR heart broken to the limit or not ?
or do we have to think OUR needs rather than THEM ?
or do we have to PRAY for the best and make an EFFORTS on it ??
or think its all about the "DUIT LA,kau ape tau" ??
or should we see what the other side of  LIFE ?? MISKIN dengan ILMU ?LEBIH dengan KEKAYAAN?? or "naahhhhhh,TREND la..biasa la lin oi !"...
or sometimes we need to "BEREBUT"what doesnt belongs to us ??
or "KAU bila lagi"?

ok lin ! you saw all that and the conclusion ?
and lin answer back theres no conclusion on that typical and complicated question lin..its life and its round..believes what coming soon and SABAR might know WHOS THE KING of the GAME..