Thursday, May 27, 2010

nothing much..

hahah its been two days i haven't write on my blog,due tOo climb climb and climb..practice make perfect ! :)..have my own target,,oh yaaa..on 5th of june i have comp at camp 5,now im clearing route at shah alam,range 6a++ and more..loads of frends,my life is  more happier than before,yaa being single is the best for me for now even i can't accept it before,learnnn lin learnnn!!!...seee theres sunshine infront..hee hee hee...busying my life!..huh!.tired...tonight im heading to camp 5,looking for my friends and after that at shah alam training for next comp at camp 5,its okey if i am not good enough for this comp,i've learn everyday and its my experience lah..WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME? i noe my limit for this and i noe sometimes it is possible for me,heyyy nothing imposible in this world lah,MANA ADA KEMAHUAN DISITU ADA JALAN.. :)take it or leave it!! the harder route,got a week lagi before the comp...nervous,alaaa as usual  lah kn.. :)..i think its for now..tataaaaa,blog will updated SOON reader..:)..thanks