Friday, June 4, 2010

few days ahead..

helloOooo..its been 4 days i didn't update my blog..heheh oh yaa express ur feelings lin ~~full of color?TRUEEE,full of laugh?TRUEEE,full of feelings?? ! awwwwww..feelings ? haha new boyfie i guess ? ohh no not now..but who knows ? i hve to cntinue my journey from the day i fall!...tikkkk toookk tikk tokk tikk tokkk.. :)..they brighten ur lifed ! kn kn ? your friends,i cant stop launghing at all the tyme,climbing at PCP on wednesday,then lepak lepak kat malee kiri..heheh..9 table straight..BAHAN BAHAN..i and amoi continue our mission ! hahaha shhhhhhhh its a secret lah..but muhd amoi,can i SINDIR2 you ? boleh boleh ? ahaha..oh mayb not? rasuah plssss :P,xpayah banyak,i and apis nk pizza je..huhuhu..ok ok back to our about 4 days at AMPANG,climb,training la sgt,smpi 3 pagi..barai kat shah alam..huhu ,lepak kat sunway,shisha..err but i duno how to shishaa,hisap pown xbetul..lalalalala...then packing my stuff at ampang,move out to our new house..near! save my budget lah kn thats all i can wisely says for now :)